January 31, 2014

Clover teen stabs neighbor's dog trying to attack his mom's pet

A Clover teenager stabbed his neighbor’s dog while trying to stop the animal from attacking his mother’s dog on Monday, deputies say.

Deputies at about 4 p.m. were sent to a home on Stokes Avenue, off Faulkner Street, after a woman, 45, reported that her neighbor’s dog ran onto her property and attacked her dog, which was tethered on her front porch with a cable, according to a York County Sheriff’s report. The woman’s son, 17, told deputies he saw the dog attack his mom’s dog and he tried to break the dogs apart by kicking them. When that didn’t work, he grabbed a knife and stabbed the dog in the back. The dog retreated to its own property.

The report did not indicate the breed of either dog.

The dog’s owner told police that when he returned home from work, he noticed his pet in the driveway, waiting under his boat with its collar around his neck. When he left for work in the morning, his dog was on a cable in the backyard. The owner said it must have broken loose from the spike it was attached to in the ground.

The man’s dog had two bloody spots on his back, the report states. He told deputies that the teenager told him what happened. The woman’s dog was bleeding from both its left and side areas, suffering from apparent puncture wounds. The woman told deputies she would take her dog to the veterinarian’s office.

York County Animal Control cited the attacking dog’s owner for a leash law violation.

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