Backpack trip tells geologic story of Grand Canyon

When I first peered into the layer cake that is the Grand Canyon several years ago, I was surprised to spot a continuous strip of green between a grayish section and a red-brown one. "How could so much shrubbery grow in the desert Southwest?" I wondered as I stood at the edge of the South Rim.


Jamaica's sweet lodgings over the water, atop the sea

(A big deal is happening: the first overwater bungalows in the Caribbean were to open Dec. 2. Similar to overwater bungalows in French Polynesia, Jamaica's Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay has figured out how to put the romantic lodgings safely in Caribbean waters. We got a sneak peek and the chance to be among the first test guests to stay overnight in one of the most romantic lodgings in the world.)


Game review: 'Just Dance 17,' gets kids off the couch and into the virtual club

Parents need to know that "Just Dance 2017" is a dancing game. The game's music library includes a wide variety of dance songs, some of which include the occasional suggestive lyrics and/or dance moves. The game does require internet access in order to link to a UPlay Rewards account, public global platform for sharing, or compete online with the rest of the world. In-game ads for DLC, including "Unlimited" streaming service and premium songs, add pressure to players to spend real money beyond the price of the actual game.


It took mere seconds for his boat to sink in shark-filled waters

Adam Wiseman was fishing with his friend, Troy Cooper, in the Atlantic Ocean near the North Santee Bay on Saturday morning when an ice box caused his boat’s weight to shift. The boat flipped. And within seconds, Wiseman was in the water along with a school of hungry sharks and the 300 pounds of jellyfish they had on board their craft before it capsized. But, luckily, The Captain Andrew and its crew were nearby when the boat sank. The crew rushed to their aid, saving not only Wiseman and Cooper, but also Wiseman’s boat.


Why water rescues are up along the Grand Strand

So far this summer, in Myrtle Beach there have been at least three ocean drownings, not counting two missing boys. The ocean, the Grand Strand’s economic motor and most impressive natural resource, has proven deadly. Officials say more and more visitors each year has been adding up to more water rescues during a summer that’s been plagued by rip currents and stronger longshore currents.


5 tips for smooth summer travel

Take these five steps for a smooth airport experience, from TSA. Video courtesy of the Transportation Security Administration
5 tips for smooth summer travel 1:13

5 tips for smooth summer travel

Making a Gingerbread House 1:07

Making a Gingerbread House

Watch the last two key plays from Newberry-Chapman 1:36

Watch the last two key plays from Newberry-Chapman

Postgame reaction from Dutch Fork's win over Fort Dorchester 2:49

Postgame reaction from Dutch Fork's win over Fort Dorchester