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My Name Is Bruce
Horror, Comedy
Something evil is stirring in the small mining town of Gold Lick, and it's not happy. Guan-di, the Chinese protector of the dead with a strange affinity for bean curd, has been awakened by reckless teenagers, and now his bloody crusade to wipe out the town's entire population can only be stopped by one man--Bruce Campbell (the guy who starred in all three Evil Dead movies and Bubba Ho-tep), B-move star and deadbeat ex-husband extraordinaire, who's recruited to be their unwitting savior. Thinking the whole scenario's a publicity prank, Bruce is distracted from his mission by a hot mom and fan boys aplenty--but when our hero has to face off against a dark force more fearsome than a Hollywood agent, the laughs and screams start flying! Rated R for language and some violence.
Cast: Bruce Campbell, Kieran Henthorn, Janelle Farber, Mike Estes, Adam Boyd
Produced by: Bruce Campbell, Mike Richardson
Directed by: Bruce Campbell
Written by: Mark Verheiden
Running time: 1hr 24min
Opens: Oct 31, 2008 NY
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