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In the final days of Marcus Aurelius' reign, the aging emperor arouses his son Commodus' anger when he makes known his wish that Maximus be his successor. Power-hungry Commodus kills his father and orders the death of Maximus. But the latter flees and hides his identity by becoming slave and a gladiator. Eventually, Maximus journeys back to Rome to confront his archrival. Rated R for intense graphic combat.
Cast: Djimon Hounsou, Connie Nielsen, Oliver Reed, Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix
Produced by: Steven Spielberg, Douglas Wick, David H. Franzoni
Directed by: Ridley Scott
Written by: David H. Franzoni, John Logan (I), William Nicholson (I)
Running time: 2hr 45min
Opens: May 05, 2000 Nationwide
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