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Your Mommy Kills Animals
A survey of the multifaceted animal rights movement where polar positions on protest and protection are thrown into the ring. Amiable alternatives to animal liberation are up against radically aggressive activism and the questionable ethics of corporate campaigning and celebrity endorsement. What emerges, however, is a larger context for rights and tactics in an American political climate quick to silence non-conformists. Even with the loose definition of a 21st century "terrorist," the FBI's deeming of animal rights activists to be the prime domestic terrorist threat to the United States can be interpreted as a myopic overcompensation of security. Rated R .
Cast: Jessica Biel, James Cromwell, Katherine Heigl, Jorja Fox, Kaley Cuoco
Produced by: Dennis Banks
Directed by: Curt Johnson
Written by:
Running time: 1hr 45min
Opens: Jul 20, 2007 Limited
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