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Bog of Beasts (Baixio das Bestas)
Violence and hatred against women run free in a rural village in Brazil in this intense drama from writer and director Claudio Assis. Auxilidora (Mariah Teixeira) is a teenager who lives with her grandfather Heitor (Fernando Teixeira in a small town dominated by a sugar plantation. Auxilidora is little more than an indentured servant to Heitor, and after working all day in his home he forces her to expose herself to strange men, who have paid for the privilege of watching her as they masturbate. While Auxilidora sees a glimmer of affection and hope in her budding relationship with a friendly ditch-digger, she's also attracted the attention of Everado (Matheus Nachtergaele), a psychotic thug who is seemingly unable to relate to women without the threat of rape or physical assault. Baixio das Bestas (aka Bog of Beasts) won Best Picture honors at the 2006 Brasilia Film Festival.~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide Rated No Rating .
Cast: João Ferreira, Conceição Camaroti, China, Marcelia Cartaxo, Caio Blat
Produced by: Cláudio Assis
Directed by: Cláudio Assis
Written by: Hilton Lacerda
Running time: 1hr 20min
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