August 12, 2014

ERA Wilder Realty updates, rebrands for future

Downtown real estate company launched a major rebranding effort on Tuesday, aimed at making the most of technology, social media.

ERA Wilder Realty unveiled a major rebranding effort Tuesday in Columbia, aimed at shining up its public image and capitalizing on the ever-changing state of technology.

People search for real estate much differently today than they did 17 years ago – the last time ERA Wilder Realty changed its logo, officials said, so an update of the face of its business and operations was in order, the company said.

Comprised of about 200 real estate professionals in the five-county Columbia metropolitan area, ERA Wilder is undertaking a two- to three-week change that involves 1,500 signs, including office signs and yard signs, business card logos, name badges, letterheads and the like.

The national franchise is undertaking a new advertising campaign and will help bear the considerable expense of the rebrand effort, said Lucinda Brasington, ERA Wilder Realty vice president of operations in Columbia.

So many new things are popping up from ERA that it is a great time to tie the new look with some of the new tools, Brasington said.

“We have wonderful new tools to help you find more buyers, and engage and connect with buyers in completely different and new ways,” she told about 100 ERA professionals Tuesday.

One way the company stays on the cutting edge is bringing training to its agents.

Four times a year, the company brings together up to 200 agents and other professionals in the firm from across the state to expose them to the latest in real estate techniques and thinking, understanding that most of their professionals can’t take the time to attend conventions to get the exposure.

It’s all about staying competitive, said Eddie Wilder, ERA Wilder Realty president.

“(Agents and brokers) come in and we bring in an industry expert that will allow them to hear it in their own backyard,” Wilder said of the “Team Tuesday” matchups. “Our ultimate goal is to get them into the habit of believing they need to stay ahead of the curve.”

Social media were the topic of the day this quarter, presented by social media expert and philosopher Matthew Farrara, who also is a speaker, teacher, writer and workforce motivator and gave instruction on how real estate professionals can engage social media to meet more people, which he said is the genesis of all sales.

“Most of these (agents) would have to go to Las Vegas, New York, California or wherever, just to hear what’s going on. It’s a way to bring it home,” Wilder said.

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