February 12, 2014

Winter weather scenes: Hollywood Rose Hill resident skies to Five Points

Vignettes of winter weather life around Columbia.

Hollywood Rose Hill resident skies to Five Points One resident of Columbia's Hollywood Rose Hill neighborhood skied to Five Points, reporting back via community email on what was open in the city's restaurant and shopping village.

At mid-day, the Yesterday's, Delaney's and Harper's eateries were open, as was the Walgreen's drug store, according to reports distributed to the neighborhood association.

— Sammy Fretwell

Two-year-old conquers sledding

Ava Gray Goff, 2, rode a sled down a hill at Emily Douglas Park.

"By myself," she proudly pointed out.

Her dad, Dylan Goff, added to her boldness.

"'Cuz you're way brave, right?"

After she went down the hill, Goff came to help her carry the sled back up. He gets to help carry, but not sled himself, he jokingly pointed out.

— Cassie Cope

USC student plays with dog in Shandon

The Shandon area was quiet and covered on Wednesday with a large black-and-white dog frolicking around in the icy mix.

The dog, named Kappa, loved it the last time it snowed, said his owner Brian Duggan, from Atlanta.

Duggan is a graduate student at USC and he spent some of his day off on Wednesday throwing snowballs for Kappa to catch and playing tug-of-war with a small stick.

Zach Moffitt was also out with Kappa and Duggan. He works at a lab at the university, so he had the day off as well. He took the opportunity to sleep in – waking up around 11. Moffitt is from Ocean View, Del. and said Wednesday’s accumulation was similar to what it is like when it snows in his hometown.

Meanwhile, Becca O’Connell, a USC student from Columbia, walked out of her Shandon house surprised at the kind of snow that was falling.

“It’s literally raining ice,” she said. “I’ve just never seen that before.”

She couldn’t enjoy it too much though, because she said she had two papers to write and planned on spending the day doing homework.

— Cassie Cope

Dollar General at Two Notch and Arcadia Lakes roads open for customers

The Dollar General at Two Notch and Arcadia Lakes roads was among the stores open for business in the area Wednesday morning.

But there were only a couple of cars in the parking lot, which appeared to have had few travelers, and less than a handful of customers inside the store that was sufficiently stocked with food and other items.

— Bertram Rantin

Handful of Rosewood Drive businesses open for customers

Just a handful of businesses on Rosewood Drive in Columbia were open about 10 a.m., among them the Publix and Rite Aid, where people were picking up last-minute provisions.

Mike Holden and Nick Luther loaded a couple of bags of groceries in the pickup they were driving and said they were going to go sledding once they got back home.

Andrew White, also driving a pickup, had a basket full of groceries. He just found out this morning he wasn't expected to report to work, he said.

"I'm from Maryland, and I kind of know it can be a lot worse than this," he said. "This doesn't phase me too much."

But White said he has taken precautions, making sure his laptop and phones are charged and that his flashlights have fresh batteries.

"We'll roll with the punches," he said.

A man who said he goes by just one name, Sebastian, stood outside a house on Woodrow Street in shorts and flip-flops, inspecting the ice on a car parked on the street.

He said he plans to stay home, and that his only worry was power outages. He has a fireplace and wood, however.

"Push comes to shove, this baby will be gone," he said, gesturing to a small tree in his yard and smiling.

— Dawn Hinshaw

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