Chapin feud back in court

04/25/2014 9:36 PM

04/25/2014 9:53 PM

Chapin officials went back to court Friday to settle how much say new Mayor Skip Wilson has over Town Council’s discussion and consideration of proposals.

“We’ve got some differences of opinion,” Wilson lawyer Todd Carroll told Circuit Judge Thomas Cooper.

In dispute are changes that three of five council members adopted April 17 allowing them to force attention to items over Wilson’s opposition.

The changes were adopted at a meeting called by three council members that Wilson did not attend after saying he wouldn’t consent to the proposals.

Those changes are “a safeguard against an autocratic mayor,” said Andrew Syrett, lawyer for three council members feuding with Wilson. “The mayor is attempting to be in total control – an autocrat, a czar, a king.”

Wilson contends that the council members – Bibi Atkins, Robbie Frick and Kay Hollis – overstepped their authority and asked Cooper to void the changes.

The changes are an attempt at “a coup” against Wilson, Carroll said.

Cooper took the squabble under review, saying he will try to settle “some confusion” in town guidelines over the extent of the mayor’s control.

Wilson contends the three council members are trying to prevent changes he says were authorized when voters elected him Nov. 5 as first new mayor in the Lexington County town of 1,700 residents in 32 years.

The three say they are trying to stop what they see as dictatorial methods that Wilson is using to make changes singlehandedly at Town Hall without council acquiescence.

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