Smell lingers after truck spills waste from chicken plant in downtown Camden

06/12/2014 2:33 PM

06/12/2014 2:44 PM

Crews may have cleaned up the spilled waste from a chicken plant truck in downtown Camden, but the smell is still lingering.

Camden police say the truck, which was traveling down DeKalb Street, spilled most of its load along the way.

"The driver attempted to stop when the load shifted and the cover didn't contain the product," according to Camden Police Chief Joe Floyd. "There were three locations of spillage."

Chief Floyd said the truck driver didn't realize the waste was leaking when he made the initial stop.

"It wasn't until the driver got to the third stop that he realized it was leaking," Floyd said. "He pulled over at DeKalb and Fairlawn Streets, which is right through downtown."

Floyd said the spilled waste covered about a 12 block stretch from the first spill to the last spill.

"DOT did the clean up on it," Floyd said. "The product has been cleared, but the odor has not."

The truck was transporting waste from Valley Proteins, which has a local office in Ward, South Carolina.

Floyd said the company is responsible for the clean up cost, and the driver has been charged with spilling load on the roadway.

"Traffic is normal, and DHEC doesn't classify that particular product as hazardous material."

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