August 13, 2014

5 things to know as 850 students move onto Columbia’s Main Street

Big changes coming to Main Street with the arrival of The Hub’s new residents.

1) WHERE THEY WILL LIVE. Don’t try to park on Main Street on Thursday. About 850 college-age students are moving into the new, fully furnished, luxury apartment complex known as The Hub. Some came early, but most arrive today. The 21-story building wraps the Marriott at Main and Hampton streets, caddy-corner from the Columbia Museum of Art.

2) THE NAME. It’s called The Hub. Not The Snub. Not The Pub.

3) A CHANGING MAIN STREET. The building once was headquarters for utility giant SCANA, the state’s only Fortune 500 company, which moved to Cayce. So students will be replacing engineers and accountants. We’ll see who brings more energy to Main Street – engineers and accountants or a bunch of 20-year-olds.

4) RECOGNIZING A ‘HUBBER.’ You should be able to tell Hubbers by their easy, year-round tans. Why? There’s a pool on the roof. And when it’s cloudy or cold, there are standup tanning beds.

5) BUSINESS BOON. Sean McCrossin, the owner of Drip, a coffee and sandwich shop just across the street, should be one of the students’ new BFFs. Fresh coffee and free wireless access, he hopes, will give his shop more of the continuous flow of a coffee house. Pretty “exciting,” he says.

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