July 22, 2013

Watch Gov. Haley firing guns + Sheheen's reaction

Haley tours FN plant, fires a few rounds. See video.

From The Buzz

Gov. Nikki Haley fired a few military rifles and handguns during a tour Friday of Columbia arms maker FN Manufacturing.

Haley called shooting targets a stress reliever. Of the targets, she said, “I imagined a lot of different people.”

Who exactly, guv?

“That’s my secret.”

(Since the folks with notepads and video cameras were not allowed on the tour, The Buzz cannot confirm if a photo of certain Camden state senator were plastered on the targets.)

South Carolina’s shooter-in-chief tried out FNX-45 and FNX-9 handguns, a FN SCAR light assault rifle and a M249 machine gun, which Haley said is one of weapons her husband, Michael Haley, is using during his year-long S.C. National Guard deployment in Afghanistan.

Asked if she hit the targets, Haley shot back: “Of course – and I did it in heels.”

UPDATE: State Sen. Vincent Sheheen, a Camden Democrat who plans to run against Haley for governor next year, said Monday that: "I have grown up with firearms and if you're used to being around firearms and handling firearms, you don't joke like that." He shrugged off a question about whether he might have been one of the Lexington Republican's imaginary targets.

-- Andrew Shain

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