Three teens arrested after shots fired at hotel bar

12/23/2013 12:54 PM

12/23/2013 12:56 PM

ROCK HILL — Three teenagers were arrested when shots were fired during a party at a Ramada Inn’s restaurant this weekend. One teen refused to give his name to police, another was found carrying a gun and a third swung at a police officer, hitting him on the side of the face and ripping a microphone from his shirt before spitting on his neck, according to a Rock Hill police report released Monday.

When police were called to the Celebrations Bar and Grill, attached to the Ramada Inn on Cherry Road, at about 1 a.m. Saturday, they encountered up to 40 people inside, the report states. Officers ordered the patrons to lie on the ground on their stomachs. After a few moments, a girl, 15, rolled over and stood on her knees.

An officer ordered her to lie on her stomach, but she became angry and stood up as the officer approached her, the report states. The officer reached out to grab the girl, but she began swinging her fists and hit the officer on the right side of his head. She then ripped the policeman’s uniform shirt by pulling off his radio microphone. The officer grabbed the girl, pushed her against a wall and then threw her to the ground and onto her stomach.

The girl screamed and kicked as police tried handcuffing her, the report states. Even after she was cuffed, the girl continued fighting against police, spitting on one officer’s neck. Police subdued her and an officer began walking her to his patrol car. The girl jerked away and tried hitting the policeman with her head. The officer gained control over her, putting her in his car. She continued kicking and spitting on the patrol car’s window. The policeman placed a hobble cord around her legs.

The girl was taken to jail, where she was issued a juvenile summons for throwing bodily fluids on a police officer, third-degree assault and battery and damage to city property, police reported. She was also listed as a runaway in the National Crime Information Center database. Police found that she wore an ankle bracelet after she was sentenced for a previous assault and battery conviction.

As police were clearing out the building, they patted down each person leaving, according to a second Rock Hill police report. They encountered a teenager, 17, who identified himself as “Tay Thomas.” An officer asked him if his legal name was “Tay.” He told the officer: “Yeah, my name is Tay,” the report states.

Authorities ran his name through dispatch and determined that he was actually Xavier Dontay Thompson. Thompson refused to confirm his name. Police arrested and charged him with false information to police. He was released from jail Saturday on a $500 bond.

Another man, Robert Johnson, 18, was arrested and charged with carrying a pistol unlawfully. He is not accused of actually firing the shots that went off at the bar. He was sent to the York County Detention Center on a $25,000 bond. No other injuries were reported at the bar, although investigators did find several shell casings.

It is unclear who actually fired the weapon.

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