Palmetto Poison Center warns of nicotine bottle hazards with e-cigarettes

04/01/2014 8:30 AM

04/01/2014 8:31 AM

The bottles of liquid nicotine in houses where e-cigarettes are used can pose a deadly danger to both children and grown-ups, the Palmetto Poison Center warns.

“Parents should be aware of this danger in their home. The refill bottles, of any size, are highly concentrated and even a mouthful could be a medical emergency for a small child,” said Poison Center managing director Dr. Jill Michels.

Nicotine is not only highly addictive, but it is a deadly poison. Cigarette companies know that using nicotine in regular cigarettes can “hook” people into become lifetime consumers of tobacco products. E-cigarettes have come into vogue as a way to wean people off regular cigarettes and avoid the ill health consequences caused by the tars contained in burning tobacco.

As e-cigarettes have become more common bottles of nicotine liquid used to refill the e-cigarettes are now commonly found in homes of smokers.

The nicotine in these bottles is unregulated by the Food and Drug Administration, and the concentration varies as to manufacturer.

Thus, some nicotine concentrations in the bottles may be so strong that if ingested or even absorbed through the skin, it could cause illness including nausea and vomiting. Larger amounts can cause seizures.

Many bottles comer in bright colors and are appealing to children, the poison center says.

Nicotine bottles should be kept “up high and out of the reach of children,” the poison center says.

Anyone who suspects they or their child has been exposed to nicotine should contact the Palmetto Poison Center as soon as possible at 1-800-222-1222.

This is a nationwide, toll free 24-7 number that will connect you to your local poison center in a matter of moments. All calls are confidential.

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