June 25, 2014

Sisters of slain West Columbia woman asking for donations to install window in remembrance at Winnsboro church

The sisters of Susan Wilkes, who was found dead last week, are asking for donations for a stained-glass window to install at the Winnsboro church were she attended services.

The sisters of Susan Wilkes, the slain West Columbia woman, are asking for donations to install a stained-glass window at Washington Street Baptist Church.

Wilkes, 59, was found buried behind a Little Mountain residence, nearly 30 miles from her home along Linett Drive, shortly after Father’s Day. The West Columbia Police Department has charged her husband, Marion Wilkes, 73, and her son, Joseph Cody Wilkes, 23, in her death.

DeWitt Atkerson, pastor of Washington Street Baptist Church in Winnsboro, said the window, which will cost $1,523, is one of many stained-glass windows being installed in the church’s sanctuary.

Atkerson said Wilkes attended services at the church, along with one of her sisters and a niece.

Regina Krofchick said she has been spreading the word about the stained glass fund for Wilkes because “something needs to be done for Susan.”

Krofchick’s son is the owner of the Little Mountain residence where Wilkes was buried. Her son was friends with Joe Wilkes, she said, but she didn’t know the young man’s mother.

“When the obituary came out, I thought someone has to do something,” Krofchick said. “I feel an obligation to Mrs. Wilkes to do something in her honor.”

Krofchick said Marion Wilkes and Joseph Cody Wilkes trimmed trees around her home after Susan Wilkes was laid off from her job.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God, we had two killers in our house and in our yard,’” Krofchick said. “It totally freaked me out.”

She also said that she recommended the two to others that she knew so that they could gain more business after they told her Susan Wilkes was laid off.

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