July 3, 2014

3 more in Lexington face gambling charges after Wednesday raid

Four total now charged with operating gaming house near Lexington.

Lexington County officials have charged an additional two women and a man with operating a gambling house in connection with a raid Wednesday in which they seized eight video poker machines.

The three turned themselves in on Friday, Lexington County Sheriff's Department sheriff A. Lewis McCarty said in a news release Saturday.

Each was charged with three counts of unlawfully possessing a video gambling device and one count of operating a gaming house. Each posted $4,000 bail and was released from the county detention center.

The three are: James Frederick Freeland, Jr., 61, of 217-B Fields Lane, Lexington; Stacy Joyce Erickson, 39, of 118 South Hampton Road, Lexington; and Brunelle Speaks Pace, 54, who does not a permanent address, the sheriff's department said.

State and county officials raided a house on Fields Lane near Lexington on Wednesday and seized eight video poker machines and issued an arrest warrant for 44-year-old Gregory Speaks.

Speaks, who does not have a permanent address, turned himself in to authorities on Thursday and was charged with eight counts of unlawfully possessing a video gambling device and operating a gaming house, McCarty said in a news release Thursday.

Speaks was released from the detention center on Thursday after posting  $9,000 bail, the release said.

The machines were set up in the living area of Freeland's house, 217-B Fields Lane, near Lexington.

“The living area was set up as a gaming room, with chairs similar to those that are found at offices and bars as well as tables that can be folded up,” McCarty said.


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