February 4, 2013

K9 aids Kershaw deputies in suspect arrest

A Camden man was arrested Sunday after Kershaw County deputies chased him in his car and then on foot with the help of a police dog.

Lydell Willliams, 32, was charged with DUI, DUS, failure to stop for a blue light, resisting arrest and possession with intent to distribute marijuana, the sheriff's department said.

About 1:30 a.m. on February 3, a driver just outside the city limits of Camden was observed operating his motor vehicle in a manner consistent with drunk driving, the sheriff's department said. The deputy attempted to stop the car and a suspect identified as Williams fled in his vehicle. The deputy pursued the car onto Tickle Hill Road where the driver stopped at an abandoned building and fled on foot.

The deputy and his K9 partner gave chase and caught the suspect, who fought with the deputy, but was taken into custody with the help of the police dog and another traffic officer, the sheriff's department said.

A bag of marijuana was retrieved near the scene.

Williams was transported to Kershaw Health hospital where he was treated for dog bites and later to the Kershaw County Detention Center.

"When these officers make a traffic stop they never know how it will go," Sheriff Jim Matthews said. "Our deputy effectively used his K9 to apprehend an extremely drunk motorist with a history of drug violations. Theirs was a professional, controlled response to a fleeing and combative suspect. I am proud of their actions."

The sheriff's department said Williams has arrests for alcohol violations, narcotics violations, shoplifting, trespassing, public disorderly conduct, forgery, resisting arrest, assault and battery and unlawful carrying of a weapon. Williams was awaiting a bond hearing Monday.

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