Tuesday letters: Rodman should face charges

01/21/2014 12:00 AM

01/17/2014 7:07 PM

It is absolutely disgraceful and unconscionable that Dennis Rodman is allowed to return to the United States and not be charged with some kind of diplomatic violation. How he can placate and entertain a vicious and communistic government such as North Korea is beyond my scope of reasoning. Now he has other basketball players involved, which is a travesty.

As a Korean War veteran, the only reason I’m able to write this letter is because on Feb. 9, 1953, the North Korean soldiers thought they had killed me and left me for dead, freezing on a hillside. This was one of two ambush attacks in which we were overrun — and some of us killed — by Russian “burp” guns.

I had to listen to my buddies moaning and groaning while at death’s door. My buddy next to me was crying over and over for his mother, soon to never cry again.

It is disgraceful that uninformed, ignorant people, like Rodman, can denigrate the sacrifices of my buddies and all other military who fought in North and South Korea.

William M. Ingbretsen


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