March 17, 2014

ELECTION 2014: Who's running in June primary in Richland, Lexington counties (updated)

Here's an update on candidates who have filed to run in the June 10 primary election. Filing ends March 30.

Here's an update on local and state candidates in Richland and Lexington counties who have filed to run in the June 10 primary election. Filing closes March 30.

Council District 2: Larry Brigham (R), Frank Townsend III* (R)

Council District 7: Phil Yarborough (R) 

Council District 8:  Bill Banning* (R), Billy Oswald (R), Ned Tolar (R)

Council District 9: Todd Cullum* (R)

Probate Judge: Dan Eckstrom* (R)

SC House 39: Ralph Kennedy* (R)

SC House 69: Rick Quinn* (R)

SC House 85: Chip Huggins* (R)

SC House 87: Todd Atwater* (R), Joan Waggoner Guy (D)

SC House 88: Mac Toole* (R)

SC House 89:  Kenny Bingham* (R)

SC House 96:  Perry Finch (R), Kit Spires* (R)


Council District 1: Bill Malinowski* (R) 

Council District 4:  Paul Livingston* (D)

Council District 5:  Seth Rose* (D)

Council District 6: Greg Pearce* (R)

Council District 11: Norman Jackson* (D)

Auditor: Paul Brawley* (D)

Probate judge:  Amy McCulloch* (D)

Treasurer: David Adams* (D), Joe McEachern II (D)

SC House 70: Joe Neal* (D)

SC House 71: Nathan Ballentine* (R)

SC House 72: James Smith * (D)

SC House 73: Christopher Hart* (D)

SC House 74: J Todd Rutherford* (D), Donna McGreevy (American)

SC House 75: Kirkman Finlay III* (R)

SC House 76: Leon Howard* (D) 

SC House 77: Joe McEachern* (D) 

SC House 78: Beth Bernstein* (D)

SC House 79: Mia McLeod* (D), Vannie Williams Jr. (D)

SC House 80: Jimmy Bales* (D)


Fifth Circuit Solicitor: Dan Johnson* (D)

* Denotes incumbent





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