May 26, 2014

Education superintendent: Elizabeth Moffly (R)

Year of birth: 2014

Year of birth: 2014

Number of years living in the district you seek to represent: 32 years

Family (name of spouse, number and ages of children if at home, number of grown children): David Moffly, four children 25, 23, 21, 18.

Education: Queens College in Charlotte, NC, College of Charleston in Charleston, SC, Licensed Realtor in 1984.

Current occupation/employer: President of Moffly Construction and Real Estate, Shem Creek Seafood and Deer Creek Farm.

Employment, military and volunteer history: Self Employed, Governor Appointed Guardian Ad Litem for Child Abuse and Neglect, Sunday School Teacher, Mount Pleasant Recreation Soccer Coach, Mount Pleasant Academy PTA Membership Chair, Girl Scout Leader and Delegate, Homeroom Mom, member of the Charleston County Board of Realtors Contract Review Board, served on Jim Rex Transition Team for School choice where my idea to create the Office of School Choice was implemented, served on the State Department of Education Board to review Academic Achievement of the States Low Performing Schools, Charleston County District PTA Vice Chair

Please list all public offices to which you’ve been elected, when and where: Charleston County School Board, 2010, CCSB Policy Committee Chair 2010-2011, CCSB Ad Hoc Committee Chair for Health Education

Other political and government experience: CCSD PTA Legislative Delegate, Republican Delegate for Presidential Convention in 1984, member of the East Cooper Republican Women, SC Federation of Republican Women, National Federation of Republican Women, SC Realtors Association, Founding member of the Bulls Bay Chamber of Commerce

Please list year and office of any unsuccessful runs for public office: 2006 SC Superintendent of Education, 2010 SC Superintendent of Education, 2013 Special Election for Congress for the First Congressional District

Key endorsements you’ve received:

William Harris-Owner, Oyster Point Walking Tours-Charleston

The Honorable Henry Copeland-Co-Founder of Charleston Charter for Math and Science, Former Mayor of the Ehrhardt, Former member of the City of Charleston District 20 School Board

Larry Gamble-Retired Lt. Colonel, Air Force Veteran and graduate of The Citadel, Williamsburg Academy and Laurence Manning Academy

Robert Gerald Lorge-Attorney, Education Policy Analyst and Owner of Capital Hill Farms

Frank Marollo-Greer Businessman and Concerned Parent

Matt Gill-Elementary School Counselor, Horry County

Dr. William Greene-Chairman, RighMarch PAC

Carol Dean-Porter-National Chairwomen at American Allegiance

Albert David-State Director at American Allegiance Illinois

Dixie Cassell-State Director at American Allegiance Virginia/DC Metro and interpreter at James Madison Montpelier

Cindy Childers-School Health Assistant Coordinator

Teed Chambers-Executive Director, US Tea Party Loyalists, 2nd Lieutenant at United States Air Force Auxiliary-Civil Air Patrol, former Administrative Judge at Jackson Co, MO Board of Election Commissioners, Special Advisor at Consulate of The Republic of Malta to Missouri, Law Office Administrator at Thomas Wood, Attorney at Law

1. What makes you the most qualified person to hold this position? (Be specific.)

The position of state superintendent of education is one of business management and communication. Having spent my entire career as a business owner for the last 26 years managing a budget and ensuring customer service makes me uniquely qualified. I am the only candidate with a specific platform to change the state of education as it relates to economic development and jobs. Federal intrusion through the No Child Left Behind draconian policies has been devastating to the school environments. There were many waivers the state should of applied for under the flexibility request and failed to address.

Serving as an elected official on the Charleston County School Board has given me a true appreciation for the many dilemmas we face at the local level from federal and state mandates. Charleston County is the second largest district in the state with over a1,000 miles, 84 schools, 5,700 employees, 47,000 students making the district the fourth largest employer in the county.

2. What will be your top three priorities if you are elected? (100 words for each issue)

Student achievement, instructional quality and graduation rates.

To effect student achievement and instructional quality we need to revise SC Standards of Learning. Presently, we have an inch deep and a mile wide of quantity rather than quality of standards. It is my plan to work with the State Board of Education to revise the SOL to be age, grade and developmentally appropriate so teachers can teach, so students can learn the fundamental basics of reading, writing and math.

I would also work with our institutions of higher education to ensure their Education graduates/teachers are properly prepared to teach reading in k-3. I would request a waiver under the Elementary School Education Act for highly qualified certification to allow middle and high schools to hire teachers who are degreed in the subject in which they teach.

Guidance counselors are desperately needed to assist teachers in properly identifying children who have learning disabilities and mental illness to receive resources and assistance. The SC Joint Legislative Study on Children’s Health and Safety identified 20,000 children who are incarcerated in DJJ. They found that 18,000 children were there for non-violent offenses related to disrupting the learning environment. These children had undiagnosed learning disabilities and mental issue that should have been discovered at the school level.

SC is ranked 48th in our dropout rate because we have a one-size-fits all high school diploma. It is my plan to offer three diploma options. Our current diploma for 4-year college admission, a technical diploma for 2-year college and an individual education (IEP) for our special needs students.

I want to revise the South Carolina Uniform Grading Scale from a 7-point to a 10-point scale.

3a. For non-incumbents: How would your approach to your job differ from the incumbent’s?

I will embrace this position as a collaborative effort with all stakeholders to have open lines of communication. I understand constituent and customer service as both a business owner and elected official. I will work for the people and not special interest. There are several status quo candidates who have done nothing during their tenures and they have not offered any new ideas on the campaign trail. I bring ideas and solutions to the varied issues we face inside public schools.

4. Describe at least one significant political position you hold that would clash with your political base.

I believe in open primaries not convention.

5. Have you ever been convicted of a crime, been disciplined by a professional licensing board or organization or had an ethics complaint filed against you? If so, please give the details.

Not to my knowledge.

6. Have you ever filed for bankruptcy or been delinquent on your federal, state or local taxes? If so, please give the details.


7. Are there any personal details about you that voters would be interested in knowing?

I live on farm with my husband and four children. I’m a grandmother. We run three small businesses, race J-24’s and enjoy spending time with family.

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