Richland County election results

11/15/2012 12:23 AM

11/15/2012 7:11 AM

Below are the Richland County Elections and Voter Registration Office's unofficial report of elections in Richland County following a recount Wednesday. The county has been ordered to finalize the vote by Friday.

US House of Rep Dist 6 D 62,168 x- James Clyburn
US House of Rep Dist 6 G 2,974 Nammu Y. Muhammad
SC Senate 20 R 18,454 x- John Courson
SC Senate 20 D 11,698 Robert Rikard
SC House 75 D 6,891 Joe McCulloch
SC House 75 R 7,207 x-Kirkman Finlay
SC House 78 D 8,035 x- Beth Bernstein
SC House 78 R 6,222 Joan Brady
County Council 10 D 8,727 x-Kelvin E. Washington Sr.
County Council 10 Petition 2,147 Helen Ree Daniels Taylor
County Council 2 D 10,062 x-Joyce Dickerson
County Council 2 R 3,738 Michael Koska
County Council 7 D 12,217 x-Torrey Rush
County Council 7 R 2,642 Celestine W. Parker
County Council 8 D 10,456 x-Jim Manning
County Council 8 R 4,704 Michael Letts
County Council 9 D 7,540 x-Julie Ann Dixon
County Council 9 R 7,317 Val Hutchinson
Richland 1 School Board at large   37,035 x-Vince Ford
Richland 1 School Board at large   29,250 x-Barbara A. Scott
Richland 1 School Board Seat 2   8,991 x-Jamie Devine
Richland 1 School Board Seat 2   3,636 Racquel Dobbs
Richland 2 School Board   21,654 x-Susan Brill
Richland 2 School Board   19,824 x-Calvin “Chip” Jackson
Richland 2 School Board   17,954 x-Monica Elkins
Richland 5 School Board   10,707 x-Robert Gantt
Richland 5 School Board   6,832 Melissa Cole
Penny sales tax (85%)   80,223 x-Yes
Penny sales tax (85%)   73,648 No
Sales tax borrowing (84%)   77,236 x-Yes
Sales tax borrowing (84%)   71,631 No

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