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December 17, 2013

BUZZ: Mark Sanford wins whatever Politico calls its annual awards

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Mark Sanford please pick up your Poli.

Politico named Sanford's election (again) to U.S. House as the year's biggest political comeback. (The Buzz decided to call the award the "Poli" because the website did not give a name for the honors, so we had to come up with something.):

In a year of attempted political comebacks (see above -- Anthony Weiner, awarded the worst campaign of the year), Sanford is the biggest success story. After exiting the South Carolina governor’s mansion in 2011 diminished by his now-infamous 2009 'Appalachian Trail' infidelity scandal, few expected to see Sanford taking office in his old U.S. House of Representatives seat just a few years later. He made it out of a crowded Republican primary and a competitive runoff election—and was later aided by missteps from Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch’s campaign during the general election."

Congrats, congressman. Hopefully, the award comes with a ticket for the $586 $636 million Mega Millions drawing or an appearance with Colbert's brother on his "news" show.

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