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February 16, 2014

STATE HOUSE: Students say they're not being heard in Charleston college merger talk

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Students on both the College of Charleston and Medical University of South Carolina campuses don’t think their views have not been reflected in the movement toward combining their schools into the state’s third large research university.

Part of the beef is proposed name changes that include calling the combined school "Charleston University." But the main issue is a clash of campus cultures.

“We really don’t see much on students being talked about,” Piedmont said. “It’s like Columbia is saying to us that we’re going to have to do this without us coming to them. It’s our degree. It’s our tuition dollars.”

But state Rep. Leon Stavrinakis, one of the main sponsors of the merger bill, says he would rescind the proposal if it would damage his alma mater or the medical school, which he called a “treasure in the state.”

He said trustees of a merged college could change the names proposed in the bill – Charleston University George Street Campus and Charleston University Medical Campus.

Plus, could there be Cougar football in the future if the schools combine?

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