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February 20, 2014

BUZZ: Nikki Haley's anti-union autoworkers comment stirs Detroit

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Gov. Nikki Haley's comment that she would not welcome Ford, GM and Chrysler and their union workers in South Carolina has caused a stir in the country's automotive capital.

The Detroit Free Press posted comments from readers , some of whom said they would no longer vacation in the state and some supported Haley's anti-union stance:

• "So being anti-union is more important than bring jobs to her very poor state?"
• "Boeing went down there to avoid the unions. I would say that is bringing good jobs. Unions kill productivity."
• "As a retired union worker, you can bet I’ll not spend my money in South Carolina."
• "With this governor’s attitude toward American car companies and fellow American citizens, I wouldn’t buy a car made in the southeastern U.S. regardless of who built it."
• "Good for her! The auto unions have brought this on themselves! Plants in the South are doing just fine without the unions, and Southerners obviously do not want them based on their votes recently at the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee."
• "Looks like no more Myrtle Beach golf trips for our group in South Carolina. We’ll spend our northern union money where it is appreciated."

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