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March 30, 2014

ELECTION 2014 (updated): Who's filed for statewide, State House, Congressional offices

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Who's filed for federal, statewide and State House seats, according to the S.C. Election Commission website. (List updated at 1 p.m. Sunday. Filing ended at noon.)

Statewide office

Governor: Tom J. Ervin (R); Nikki Haley (R-incumbent); Vincent Sheheen (D): Steve French (Libertarian); Morgan Bruce Reeves (United Citizens)

Lieutenant Governor: Mike Campbell (R); Pat McKinney (R); Henry McMaster (R); Ray Moore (R); Bakari Sellers (D) (Incumbent Glenn McConnell (R) not running)

Adjutant General: James Breazeale (R); Bob Livingston (R-incumbent)

Attorney General: Alan Wilson (R-incumbent); Parnell Diggs (D)

Commissioner of Agriculture: Joe Farmer (R); Hugh E Weathers (R-incumbent); Emile DeFelice (American); David Edmond (United Citizens)

Comptroller General : Richard Eckstrom (R-incumbent); Robert D. Shelley (R); Kyle Herbert (D)

Secretary of State: Mark Hammond (R-incumbent); Ginny Deerin (D)

State Treasurer: Brian Adams (R); Curtis Loftis (R-incumbent)

Superintendent of Education: Sally Atwater (R); Gary Burgess (R); Meka Bosket Childs (R); Amy Cofield (R); Sheri Few (R); Don Jordan (R); Elizabeth Moffly (R); Molly Mitchell Spearman (R); Montrio M. Belton Sr. (D); Sheila C. Gallagher (D); Jerry Govan (D); Tom Thompson (D); Ed Murray (American) (Incumbent Mick Zais (R) not running)

U.S. Senate

Expired term: Det Bowers (R); Lee Bright (R); Richard Cash (R); Bill Connor (R); Benjamin Dunn (R); Lindsey Graham (R-incumbent); Nancy Mace (R); Brad Hutto (D); Jay Stamper (D); Victor Kocher (Libertarian)

Unexpired term: Tim Scott (R-incumbent); Randall Young (R); Joyce Dickerson (D); Sidney Moore (D); Harry Pavilack (D); Jill Bossi (American)

U.S. House

1st district: Mark Sanford (R-incumbent)

2nd district: Eddie McCain (R); Joe Wilson (R-incumbent); Phil Black (D); Ed Greenleaf (D); Harold Geddings III (Labor)

3rd district: Jeff Duncan (R-incumbent); Hosea Cleveland (D); Barbara Jo Mullis (D)

4th district: Trey Gowdy (R-incumbent); Curtis E McLaughlin (Libertarian)

5th district: Mick Mulvaney (R-incumbent); Tom Adams (D)

6th district: Jim Clyburn (D-incumbent); Karen Smith (D); Anthony Culler (R); Leon Winn (R); Kevin R Umbaugh (Libertarian)

7th district: Tom Rice (R-incumbent); Gloria Bromell-Tinubu (D)

S.C. House

District 1: Bill Whitmire (R-incumbent)

District 2: Bill Sandifer (R-incumbent)

District 3: Gary E Clary (R); Ed Harris (R); Travis McCurry (Libertarian) (Incumbent B.R. Skelton (R) not running)

District 4: Davey Hiott (R-incumbent); Michelle Wiles (R)

District 5: Neal Collins (R); Harley Staton (R); Rick Tate (R) (Incumbent Phil Owens (R) not running)

District 6: Brian White (R-incumbent)

District 7: Michael Gambrell (R-incumbent)

District 8: Don Bowen, (R-incumbent); Jonathon Hill (R)

District 9: Anne Thayer (R-incumbent)

District 10: Joshua Putnam (R-incumbent)

District 11: Craig A Gagnon (R-incumbent); Tombo Hite (D)

District 12: Anne Parks (D-incumbent); Tony Wideman (R)

District 13: Robert Shannon Riley (R-incumbent)

District 14: Mike Pitts (R-incumbent)

District 15: Samuel Rivers Jr (R-incumbent); Marian Redish (D)

District 16: Mark Willis (R-incumbent)

District 17: Mike Burns (R-incumbent); Joshua Cook (R)

District 18: Tommy Stringer (R-incumbent); Valerie Wade (R)

District 19: Dwight A Loftis (R-incumbent)

District 20: Justin Alexander (R); Dan Hamilton (R-incumbent); Jon Eames (D); Jon Eames (Green)

District 21: Phyllis J Henderson (R-incumbent); Steve Mauriello (R)

District 22: Wendy Nanney (R-incumbent); Dan Ruck (D)

District 23: Chandra Dillard (D-incumbent)

District 24: Bruce W Bannister (R-incumbent); Bang N Hall (R); Gary Titcomb (R)

District 25: Leola Robinson-Simpson (D-incumbent); Tony Boyce (Independence)

District 26: Raye Felder (R-incumbent); Jeremy C Walters (Libertarian)

District 27: Garry R Smith (R-incumbent)

District 28: Eric M Bedingfield (R-incumbent)

District 29: Dennis Carroll Moss (R-incumbent)

District 30: Steve Moss (R-incumbent)

District 31: Harold Mitchell Jr (D-incumbent)

District 32: Derham Cole (R-incumbent); Matt Iyer (D)

District 33: Eddie Tallon (R-incumbent); Shelia Antley Counts (D)

District 34: Mike Forrester (R-incumbent); Gaye Holt (R); Michael R Thompson (D)

District 35: Bill Chumley (R-incumbent)

District 36: Rita Allison (R-incumbent)

District 37: Donna Hicks Wood (R-incumbent); Heather Wood (R)

District 38: N Douglas Brannon (R-incumbent)

District 39: Ralph Shealy Kennedy (R-incumbent)

District 40: Richard Martin (R); Walt McLeod (D-incumbent)

District 41: MaryGail Douglas (D-incumbent); William Budda Killian (D)

District 42: Mike Anthony (D-incumbent); Mark Cathcart (R); David Tribble (R)

District 43: Greg Delleney (R-incumbent)

District 44: Mandy Powers Norrell (D-incumbent)

District 45: Deborah Long (R-incumbent)

District 46: Gary Simrill (R-incumbent)

District 47: Tommy Pope (R-incumbent)

District 48: Ralph Norman (R-incumbent); Barry McGrew (D)

District 49: John R King (D-incumbent); Robert Bobby Walker (R)

District 50: Brian L Alston (D); Grady Brown (D-incumbent)

District 51: David Weeks (D-incumbent)

District 52: Laurie Slade Funderburk (D-incumbent)

District 53: Amy M. Brown (D); Anthony Waymyers (D); Richie Yow (R); Denny W. Neilson (R) (Incumbent Ted Vick (D) not running)

District 54: Patricia M Henegan (D); Greg Ohanesian (D); Fred Thomas (D) (Incumbent Elizabeth R. Munnerlyn (D) not running)

District 55: Jackie E Hayes (D-incumbent)

District 56: Dennis DiSabato (R); Mike Ryhal (R-incumbent)

District 57: J Wayne George (D-incumbent)

District 58: Jeffrey Garland (R); Jeff Johnson (R); R A Johnson (R); Joshua Sloan (R) (Incumbent Liston Barfield (R) not running)

District 59: Terry Alexander (D-incumbent); Alexis D Pipkins Sr (D)

District 60: Phillip Lowe (R-incumbent)

District 61: Roger K Kirby (D); Raleigh O Ward Jr (R) (Incumbent Lester Branham (D) not running)

District 62: Robert Williams (D-incumbent); Chippy Johnson (R)

District 63: Kris Crawford (R-incumbent)

District 64: Willie Bethune (D); Robert L Ridgeway III (D-incumbent); Robert A McFadden Sr (R)

District 65: Jay Lucas (R-incumbent)

District 66: Gilda Cobb-Hunter (D-incumbent)

District 67: Murrell Smith (R-incumbent)

District 68: Heather Ammons Crawford (R-incumbent)

District 69: Rick Quinn (R-incumbent); Robert Lewis Vanlue (D)

District 70 : Joe Neal (D-incumbent)

District 71: Nathan Ballentine (R-incumbent)

District 72: James Smith (D-incumbent)

District 73: Christopher R. Hart (D-incumbent)

District 74: J. Todd Rutherford (D-incumbent); Donna McGreevy (American)

District 75: Kirkman Finlay III (R-incumbent); Joe McCulloch (D)

District 76: Leon Howard (D-incumbent)

District 77: Joe McEachern (D-incumbent)

District 78: Beth Bernstein (D-incumbent); Jeff Mobley (R)

District 79: Mia McLeod (D-incumbent); Vannie Williams Jr (D)

District 80: Jimmy Bales (D-incumbent)

District 81: Don Wells (R-incumbent)

District 82: Bill Clyburn (D-incumbent)

District 83: Bill Hixon (R-incumbent)

District 84: Rosie Berry (D); Chris Corley (R); Adam Mestres (R); Susan Swanson (R); Rick Turnbull (R); S Lance Weaver (R) (Incumbent Roland Smith (R) not running)

District 85: Chip Huggins (R-incumbent)

District 86: Bill Taylor (R-incumbent)

District 87: Todd Atwater (R-incumbent); Joan Waggoner Guy (D)

District 88: Mac Toole (R-incumbent)

District 89: Kenny Bingham (R-incumbent)

District 90: Travis Lee Avant (R); Justin Bamberg (D); Monnie Singleton (D) (Incumbent Bakari Sellers (D) not running)

District 91: Lonnie Hosey (D-incumbent)

District 92: Joe Daning (R-incumbent)

District 93: Russell L Ott (D-incumbent)

District 94: Evan Guthrie (R); Jenny Horne (R-incumbent); Franklin Smith (R); Damian Daly (D)

District 95: Jerry Govan (D-incumbent)

District 96: Perry Finch (R); Kit Spires (R-incumbent)

District 97: Patsy G Knight (D-incumbent)

District 98: Larry Hargett (R); Chris Murphy (R-incumbent); Rebekah Patrick (D)

District 99: Jim Merrill (R-incumbent)

District 100: Edward L. Southard (R-incumbent)

District 101: Ronnie A Sabb (D-incumbent)

District 102: Joe Jefferson (D-incumbent); John Mondo (R)

District 103: Carl L Anderson (D-incumbent)

District 104: Greg Duckworth (R); Tracy R. Edge (R-incumbent)

District 105: Kevin Hardee (R-incumbent)

District 106: Nelson Hardwick (R-incumbent)

District 107: Alan Clemmons (R-incumbent)

District 108: Stephen L Goldfinch Jr (R-incumbent); Vida Miller (D)

District 109: David Mack III (D-incumbent); Rodney Travis (LIbertarian)

District 110: Russell Guerard (R); Chip Limehouse (R-incumbent)

District 111: Wendell G Gilliard (D-incumbent)

District 112: Mike Sottile (R-incumbent)

District 113: J Seth Whipper (D-incumbent)

District 114: Bobby Harrell (R-incumbent); Mary Tinkler (D); Sue Edward (Green)

District 115: Peter McCoy (R-incumbent)

District 116: Robert L Brown (D-incumbent); Carroll O'Neal (R)

District 117: Bill Crosby (R-incumbent)

District 118: Bill Herbkersman (R-incumbent)

District 119: Leon Stavrinakis (D-incumbent); Chris Cannon (R); Ken Fipps (R); Colin Ross (Libertarian); Sean Thornton (Libertarian)

District 120: Weston Newton (R-incumbent)

District 121: Kenneth F Hodges (D-incumbent)

District 122: Bill Bowers (D-incumbent); Curtis Brantley (D); Grady L Woods (R)

District 123: Jeff Bradley (R) (Incumbent Andy Patrick (R) not running)

District 124: Shannon Erickson (R-incumbent)

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