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March 25, 2014

Vincent Sheheen files for SC governor

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Democratic State Sen. Vincent Sheheen filed Tuesday to run for governor again, hoping his message about mistakes in Republican Gov. Nikki Haley's administration during her first term translates into the victory that eluded him in 2010.

Sheheen repeated a list of missteps that includes a massive data breach at the Department of Revenue and delays in sharing information during a tuberculosis outbreak in Greenwood. Despite improving job numbers touted by Haley, Sheheen said South Carolinians are earning less.

He also took Haley to task for having campaign workers travel with her in state cars and planes, flying around the country for fundraisers and failing to address K-12 education until an election year.

As governor, Sheheen, 42, said he would issue executive orders to release a consultant's report on the hacking and requiring state agencies pay men and women equally for the same job. The Camden attorney also would push to reduce business property taxes and make four-year-old kindergarten available statewide.

"It's been a rough 3 1/2 years in South Carolina under our current governor, but I think the next four years are incredibly exciting and we're going to bring leadership and accountability back to a broken state government," Sheheen said.

Sheheen lost to Haley by 4.5 percentage points in the 2010 election, a margin smaller than the difference in the number of Republicans registered in the state versus Democrats.

Haley, who lives in Lexington, was coming out of a divisive GOP primary. She has worked to win broad Republican support during her first term.

Haley, 42, has more than twice the amount of cash on hand -- $3.7 million to Sheheen's $1.4 million.

"We always knew Haley would have right-wing extremist groups from out of state flooding South Carolina with money attempting to keep us from changing this state for the better," Sheheen said. "The people of South Carolina aren't dumb. They know we need change in our government."

A third pro-Haley television ad campaign from an outside group in a year starts Wednesday.

Two of the campaigns, including the latest, came from the pro-Haley Movement Fund political group. The Republican Governors Association, where Haley sits on the executive committee, aired ads this month. Haley will file for re-election Tuesday afternoon.

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