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April 2, 2014

Mammoth bill stopped dead in its tracks

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A state senator might have made the Columbian mammoth extinct again -- as the official state fossil.

Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler, R-Cherokee, objected Wednesday to the bill that passed the House and was headed to a Senate vote.

The bill, the idea of a Lake City third-grader, overcame earlier objections from other senators, who wished to insert Bible verses into measure.

Peeler's objection was more secular.

"It's past time for the state of South Carolina to recognize we have enough state official whatevers," he said.

South Carolina has 50 official state symbols — including a state heritage horse, a state migratory marine mammal and a state hospitality beverage.

Peeler said he planned to offer legislation that would stop the introduction of new official state animals, foods, symbols, dances and events.

"The end needs to be now," he said.

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