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April 10, 2014

Road-advocacy group wants pics of your potholes

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The S.C. Alliance to Fix Our Roads launched a new website , inviting people to fill in the blank on how they would describe the state of South Carolina's roads and post pictures and videos to illustrate.

"If you’ve driven anywhere in our state lately, there are probably a lot of words you could think of. But the sorry state of our roads is no game, and it’s going to take citizens across our state demanding action to get them fixed," the group says in a news release.

The group hopes its campaign, "Fix S.C. Roads," will convince the General Assembly "to get serious about improving our infrastructure."

“For years now, the General Assembly has played kick the can down the road with the critical issue of fixing our roads and bridges. The problem is the road is cracked and broken – the can cannot be kicked any further,” said Bill Ross, Alliance executive director Bill Ross said. “We call on our legislators to take action now. The people of South Carolina are ready for a plan that will repair dangerous bridges, alleviate daily traffic nightmares and make our families safe."

According to the Alliance: South Carolina’s highway system is the 4th largest in the nation. Over 47 percent of our road pavement is in “poor” condition with only 15 percent rated as “good.” 1,625 bridges are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. The average person will pay an additional $255 per year more in vehicle maintenance because of poor road conditions.

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