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Woman begs robbers to bring back dog’s ashes

10/11/2012 12:00 AM

10/11/2012 12:11 AM

As summer has turned to autumn, most of the half-dozen fliers Jess Hulme posted on telephone poles in mid-August are likely lost or ruined.

She hasn’t bothered replacing them.

Today, it will have been eight weeks since her home in Rosewood was broken into and the wooden box on her nightstand was stolen.

After all this time, she’s really not expecting to get it back.

“It’s just one of those things you don’t want to lose,” she said, “so I was very upset about it.”

No one was home, and thieves kicked in the back door – a crime that police statistics show was slightly less common in Columbia this summer. They rifled through her home office to take a laptop and a couple of purses.

Hulme is a nurse, just starting out, about to turn 24.

She said she didn’t have anything of value to steal.

But the box was valuable to her. “I assume they thought it was a jewelry box.”

It was an urn filled with the cremated remains of her dog, Daisy – her first dog on her own, her companion, the puppy she picked out from the shelter, a hound dog.

Sometimes she’d call her dog Daisy Grace because she was clumsy and goofy and funny.

“We went to the river a lot. Camping trips,” Hulme said. “She was very big into swimming. Fetching.”

She had her dog for two years. In May, Daisy chewed a toy, swallowed it and died.

Hulme was distraught.

After the urn went missing, she put up fliers, pleading for its return.

She didn’t reveal whose ashes were inside.

If they knew it was a dog, she said, they might not pay it any mind.

“Nothing has come of it, and it’s been two months,” Hulme said the other day.

“Life goes on. What do you do?”

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