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February 10, 2013

SC’s top dog show dogs

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SC dogs in show

Tidbits on 13 of the 50 dogs with South Carolina ties in the Wesminster Kennel Club show.

Ambrier’s Tin-Man Feel My Desire (Desiree), Tibetan Spaniel, Fountain Inn, owners: Sheri Rose and Mallory Driskill, handler: Cindy Nelson. Notes: Desiree has a reputation for being a bad girl. She thinks she owns the air and everything below it. She is the ultimate diva. She and her best friend Otis live in the purple bedroom where they lounge on throw pillows watching the Travel Channel all day.

Tin-Man Three Sheets To The Wind (Otis), Tibetan Spaniel, Fountain Inn, owner: Sheri Rose; handler: Sheri Rose. Notes: Otis was injured at birth by his mother’s overzealous cleaning. His left rear foot was severed almost completely through. A vet glued the two-day-old pup’s foot back together and put him on antibiotics, but said he did not know if Otis’ foot would ever be normal and that this may end any hopes of showing him. This was heart breaking as he was clearly the pick of the litter. He was a tough little guy and came through it with the only scar being one toe shorter that the others. Now here we are two years later invited to Westminster! Way to go Otis.

Pin Oak Castlbar Success (Sabrina), Irish Setter, Greer, owner: Nancy Godbey, handler: Katie Shepard. Notes: Eight-year-old Sabrina is mother of 17 pups from two litters. Her dad and mother and grandmother have all competed here at Westminster. Sabrina was whelped and raised in Westmoreland, N.H. She loves playing ball and being a couch potato.

Cutwater Dreamweaver (DJ), Portuguese Water Dogs, Kiawah Island, owner: Judy Percival, handler: Krista Nuovo.

Rezod’s Bad to the Bone (Marshall), Clumber Spaniel, Aiken, owners: Cindy Brizes, Bill Brizes and Steve Brannon, handler: Rindi Gaudet. Notes: Marshall, or Marshmallow as he is known, is a great ambassador for the Clumber Spaniel breed. We kept Marshal as our pick of the litter because he was pretty, and pretty is what he does best. He loves for all the human peasants to admire him as he lies upon his doggie bed throne. Marshall’s favorite activity is to be hugged and appreciated for his beauty. While he is one of the smartest Clumbers that we have owned, working for a living is not for him. Marshall flunked out of hunting because he is obviously not the one that should be doing the retrieving, that is what the human peasants are for. And he flunked out of tracking because it was just so much more fun to run wild at the end of a 40-foot lead with his blond hair blowing in the breeze.

Rezod’s B52 Bomber SH (BJ), Clumber Spaniel, Aiken, owners: Cindy Brizes, Bill Brizes and Steve Brannon, handler: Cindy Brizes. Notes: BJ was the eighth puppy in a litter of eight. An X-ray taken prior to the puppies being born showed six puppies. The first six puppies were born and then about six hours later, a surprise, two extra puppies arrived. Puppy No. 7 was fine. Puppy No. 8, BJ, was blue and not moving. We were able to revive him. Although surviving, BJ was not thriving. While the other seven puppies were feeding and gaining weight, BJ was barely maintaining his birth weight. We ended up bottle feeding BJ every few hours for the first two weeks of life before he finaly started getting stronger. BJ is now a happy, healthy, beautiful Clumber Spaniel. BJ is really attached to us. We believe that somehow BJ knows that we saved him.

Sweetgrass Johann Tipper (Tipper), Longhaired Dachshund, Hollywood, owner: Catherine J. Martine, handler: Rhanda Glenn. Notes: He was one of 10 puppies that due to complications had to be hand-raised and bottle fed. In order to tell the pups apart, the breeders put a white dot of nail polish on the “tip” of his tail, hence the name “Tipper.” At Martine’s audiology practice, Carolina Hearing Services in Charleston, her pet dogs have always been on site to greet patients. Tipper loves his job as ambassador. He has been to therapy dog training and the plan is to get certified after Westminster.

Fireside’s Pick Me Out A Winner (Hobbs), Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Aiken, owners: Melissa Jarriel and Brett Jarriel, handler: Melissa Jarriel. Notes: Hobbs is named after Robert Redford’s character Roy Hobbs in the movie “The Natural,” and his registered name comes from a line in the movie. Hobbs, a 2-year-old, also is quite the performance dog, having already earned two obedience titles, two agility titles, a draft title, weight pull title and a pack dog title. At home Hobbs has a pet cat and two horses. His favorite foods are canned peaches and butter.

Fortune’s Blueprint (Franklin), Labrador retriever, Wadmalaw Island, owners: Jim Bowron and Elizabeth Bowron, handler: Rusty Howard or Jen Howard. Notes: Franklin was from a litter of three, which is a small litter for Labs. His litter-mate, Fortune’s Feet Don’t Fail Me Now (Gladney) also is in the Westminster show.

Fortune’s Feet Don’t Fail Me Now (Gladney), Labrador retriever, Wadmalaw Island, owners: Jim Bowron and Elizabeth Bowron, handler: Rusty Howard or Jen Howard. Notes: See Fortune’s Blueprint.

Seneca Manor Morning Glory (Glory), Bamberg, Cavalier King Charles spaniel, owners: Elizabeth Gerkin and Glenn Richmond, handler: Terry Smith. Notes: Glory likes to burrow under bed pillows to sleep and always wants her nose buried in blankets.

Jade East Do You Know The Way To San Jose (Josey), Chinese Shar-Pei, Greenville, owners: Loretta Anders, Karel Nijholt, Esmae Minne, handler: David Williams. Notes: Truly an ambassador for the breed, she never meets a stranger and loves attention from everyone. She is quite the clown and loves to play and chase her toy in the group ring.

Lazy D’s Spartacus At Her Majesty’s Request (Spartacus), mastiff, Simpsonville, owner: Kevin Williams and Lisa Williams, handler: Jamie Clute.

What’s new at Westminster

There’s an app for that: The Westminster Kennel Club dog show now has a smartphone app in which you can watch judging live and follow all the events in real time.

Two new breeds: Two new breeds will be judged at this year’s show: the American Russell Terrier and the Treeing Walker Coonhound

New juding venue: Breed judging during both days of the show is moving to Piers 92/94 on the west side of Manhattan. The finals still be held at Madison Square Garden Tuesday evening.

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