Colbert: No offers for my cash

01/06/2012 12:04 PM

01/07/2012 10:20 AM

Comedian Stephen Colbert -- a Charleston native -- offered to cover the $500,000 shortfall in the cost of the GOP Presidential Primary last month.

When he wasn't busy reading his upcoming New York Times Magazine cover story, I caught up with him -- and by catching I mean e-mailing -- to find out what's happened since he made his gesture that came with a request that the primary be named for his Super PAC.

Here's an excerpt. Read the full interview in The State.

Q. Did anyone from the state GOP or Democratic parties reach you while you were in South Carolina for the holidays?

A. Nope. But a lot of people on the street said, "I'll take it!" I don't know their party affiliations. One of them was wearing a red suit and ringing a bell.

Q. Do you think anyone in the state will take you up on your offer to cover the $500,000 primary shortfall?

A. Why not? The money is real. We sponsor bowl games, why not the primary? After all, in South Carolina our football is more sacred than our politics. And based on South Carolina politicians, there are just as many concussions. The state and counties are footing the bill, therefore they own the primary. End of story. They desperately need the money, and I'd like to give it to them. End of story again.

Q. Do you wear pants when you're behind the anchor desk?

A. This is no time for jokes. We're talking about buying the naming rights to a presidential primary. But if you must know: It depends on the weather...and the guest. My apologies to Doris Kearns Goodwin.

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