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January 6, 2012

WaPo: Is Nikki popular enough to help Mitt?

How Nikki Haley's low-approval rating and recent controversies could affect the GOP presidential frontrunner .

The Washington Post is wondering if S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley is popular enough to provide GOP frontrunner Mitt Romey a boost for the Jan. 21 primary.

The paper writes:

"Romney, she tells voters, would be her ally in the White House. He would help her implement immigration and voter ID policies that the Obama administration has fought. He gets it. If you like me, she’s saying, you should vote for Romney.

But do South Carolinians like Haley? After cruising into office last year as a new conservative star, Haley has been weathering bad press and bad poll numbers. A recent Winthrop Poll put the governor’s approval rating at a paltry 34.6 percent."

The story goes on to list other controversies that have tripped up the first-term governor in recent month.

S.C. Republican strategist Chip Felkel told the Post: "The initial endorsement probably helped him outside South Carolina more than it helped him in South Carolina."


But three polls out today have Romney in leading the dwindling pack of GOP hopefuls

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