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January 7, 2012

With Mitt, it's gotta be the hair

How what's atop Mitt Romney's head is getting some attention as what's inside it.

We're used to breaking down games on weekends. There will be a lot of talk this week about the pro football playoffs and college football championship along with a smattering of pro hoops, college hoops, hockey, soccer and cricket. (We're global here.)

So why not break down Mitt Romney's hair. Styleite give us the details:

"His hair is so good that it could probably run for the presidency on its own viability and public presence. And why is Romney’s coiffure so commended? Because it’s just good: solid, well-kept, clean and, dare we say it, spiffy. Naturally everyone is obsessed with Romney’s tonsorial prowess, so a few national media outlets (cough, GQ and The New York Times) have delved into his hairline to uncover the truth behind his trim ‘do."

The site then lists where he goes (same place for 25 years), how much it costs ($70) and whether he uses product (nope). And customers ask for "The Mitt."

Kids have a new goal now: To have a hairstyle named after them.

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