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January 10, 2012

Romney's charmed run through the Republicans

One Southern pundit says Mitt Romney could not have planned the downfall of his opponents better if he was tried -- but he didn't have to.

Is Mitt Romney that good or that lucky to find himself at the front of the pack about GOP presidential hopefuls?

At least one Southern pundit is going with luck. Romney won handily in New Hampshire on Tuesday and is on his way to South Carolina.

Stephen Greene, a N.C. State political science professor, found himself recently weighing Romney's "charmed" path to the nomination with so little effort.

Romney's opponents who have "self-destructed or inevitably self-imploded of their own weight once their deep and fundamental weaknesses were exposed," have not dropped out, Greene wrote in his blog, "Fully Myelinated."

"Sure, he’s done his part just fine, but in terms of all the factors he could not control, he could hardly have planned it better had he tried." the professor said. "In short, it’s good to be Mitt."

Greene then lists Romney's shortcomings with some GOP voters (former pro-choice, influenced national health insurance). That, and other issues, just don't seem to matter at this point.

"Hard to imagine a candidate who inspires so few voters, has such real weaknesses, and such narrow and begrudging support, having a more charmed path to the nomination," Greene wrote. "That said, like most Democrats, I think he’d easily make the best president of the lot."

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