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January 12, 2012

Colbert in the race?: 'God’s good with it' + video

After revealing he's polling ahead of Jon Huntman in South Carolina, Stephen Colbert is weighing a run for the White House in his home state.

Comedian and Charleston native Stephen Colbert will announce whether he will run for president in South Carolina on his show tonight.

After revealing that he was polling ahead of Jon Huntsman in South Carolina, "The Colbert Report" host asked his audience last night if he should run in a race he was hoping to pay $500,000 to sponsor.

He took a moment to prary and announced: “God’s good with it.”

“But obviously, I still have to go home sit down and talk it over with my money.”

A poll released this week has Colbert getting 5 percent of the vote in South Carolina -- slightly ahead of Huntsman, who finished third in New Hampshire.

When the former Utah governor learned of the news, Huntsman told Fox News that Colbert told him that when he as a guest on the show that he should get a “Colbert bump” in popularity.

“I’m sorry Governor Huntsman.” Colbert said. “I guess the Colbert bump reflected off of you and bounced back to me. That happens in the rare instances when my guests are whiter than I am.”

Watch it below

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