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January 15, 2012

Quotes from the race: 'They’s a dog town'

Recent lines from and about the S.C. presidential primary campaign.

Some recent quotes from and about the S.C. presidential primary:

“It’s been good for America. It’s good whether to see if someone’s a wacko or not a wacko.” -- U.S. Sen. John McCain on David Letterman about the primaries.

“What will the big issues be in the South Carolina primary? When five of your six candidates could not be elected president if they were running against Millard Fillmore, I think you can presume there will not be much serious issue discussion.” -- New York Times columnist Gail Collins.

"You know I’ve been around Henry so long I don’t even need an interpreter." -- former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman to a group of USC students referring to his weeks of campaigning in the South with former S.C. Attorney General Henry McMaster. (via Adam Beam)

“Listen, we’re not voting for the ‘pastor-in-chief’ of the Unites States. We’re voting for the president. We’re looking for the person that is the most qualified, a person that shares common values, a person that loves the country, a person who can lead this nation out of the economic mess that we’ve gotten ourselves in." -- the Rev. Franklin Graham about whom social conservative should back. (via ABC News)

"Can the English muffin be hired on a temporary basis? If I’m not hungry enough to eat it, I don’t have to pay.” -- Mitt Romney ordering breakfast at a diner outside Aiken on a “Saturday Night Live” skit.

"The vest gave me this power." -- Rick Santorum on his signature piece of clothing. (via Los Angeles Times)

"God didn't tell me to go to nobody else. He told me to pray for Romney." -- Struggling Columbia mother Ruth Williams, who received a handful of bills from Mitt Romney at a Sumter campaign event. (via CNN)

"It's a little bit odd. It's enough to express concern and say you want to help. I think handing over cash takes it to a point that makes people feel uncomfortable." -- Former RNC boss Michael Steele during appearance on MSNBC on Romney's cash handout to Williams.

“They’s a dog town. I like this place.” -- Texas Gov. Rick Perry said on a visit to Georgetown. (via ABC News)

"We need radical surgery, not an aspirin. Dr. Paul is the only one prescribing that tough medicine." -- S.C. Sen. Tom Davis on his endorsement of Ron Paul. (via Gina Smith)

"It’s a quirky thing for the newspaper to do." -- Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank on The State’s endorsement of last-place candidate Jon Huntsman.

"I don't come here today as a perfect person. I don't come here today without, I guess the advertisement is, baggage. I am a person, I've lived a fairly long life." -- Newt Gingrich speaking at a North Charleston church. (via CNN)

“He’s very engaging and charming in a small group of friends he’s comfortable with. When he’s with people he doesn’t know, he gets more formal. And if it’s a political thing where he doesn’t know anybody, he has a mask." -- a former Romney aide talking about the front-runner in the forthcoming book, "The Real Romney" (via The Washington Post)

"I've got 5 percent in South Carolina, and I'm willing to throw my weight behind one of the other candidates. All they have to do is come kiss my ring like they did Donald Trump's." -- Comedian Stephen Colbert on “This Week”

“Stephen Colbert has about as much a chance at being elected President in South Carolina as he does of being elected Pope. Zero.” -- S.C. GOP spokesman Matt Moore.

Colbert PAC's first ad:

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