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January 16, 2012

Clicks & quotes from the campaign: 'Like having gone through a courtship'

A spurned newspaper, political tourists, the good Republican, a split in Santorum's big endorsement, the end of money-raising bundlers, the robo-call king and why a vote for Herman Cain might matter on Saturday

Clicks and quotes from the S.C. presidential primary:

Spurned: Cindi Scoppe, associate editor of The State, has an interesting take on Jon Huntsman's decision to leave the race a day after the paper endorsed him.

She told The Guardian in England: "It is rather like having gone through a courtship for some period of time and finally making love with a man, for him to suddenly turn around and say, 'you know what, I think I'm gay.' "

Mitt Romeny has the newspaper's "implied endorsement,” Scoppe said.

Colbert's new tactic to not being on the SC ballot: A vote for Herman Cain is a vote for me.

Fall colors: Democratic Governors Association head says Romney is no longer a moderate.

View from a recent USC graduate on the GOP presidential primary: "My classmates seem deflated."

Need a bigger cage:David Letterman last night on Mitt Romney strapping his dog to his car roof, “Now Newt Gingrich is on the attack and saying ‘I used to do that with my first wife.’ "

Not an endorsement:Huckabee explains how his voice got on a Romney ad.

Texas-sized tangle: Turkey unhappy with Perry's debate remarks about the country's leadership, cites his low poll numbers

A house divided: Was the consensus among religious leaders to back Santorum too close to call?

Pass the voting guide: Why South Carolina is drawing political tourists: “The race will be over by the time it gets to Georgia.”

Guess he hasn't turned on a TV in awhile: "No, I haven't seen them," Romney on the ads from a super PAC that supports him that have drawn criticism from opponents.

“We really don’t need y’all to raise money in South Carolina:” How super PACs have ended the era of the fund-raising bundlers.

Three calls a day: Romney appears to be tops on the robo list.

A little nudge:Did Colbert's polling number help force Huntsman out of the race?

Jon Huntsman's future: Poised for 2016 as the good Republican?

Listening to crowds at GOP rallies: "Republican audiences this year want a restoration"

Are you a Romney, a Paul, a Gingrich or an Obama?: Take a test to see which candidate you're most like.

South Carolina’s School of Conservatism: The Bob Jones question in the election

2 new ads

Calling you out: New Ron Paul ad takes on ... everybody:

Side by side: Rick Santorum -- tired of being bashed in ads in South Carolina -- doesn’t call this new ad negative. Rather it’s just comparing the records of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. You decide:

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