'He didn’t answer my question:' How one GOP candidate lost a vote

01/17/2012 5:17 PM

01/17/2012 5:22 PM

Views from a couple of S.C. voters attending Newt Gingrich's town hall at the S.C. State Farmers Market in Dixiana on Tuesday.

Chris Mixson, who works at a Beaufort catering businesses, was giving Newt Gingrich one last chance when he traveled 135 miles to see the former House Speaker. He got to ask question after Gingrich spoke.

“I’m having a hard time deciding who to vote for in the primary” Mixson started.

“I can help,” Gingrich replied drawing laughter from the crowd.

Mixson moved forward.

“I want to vote for you. I genuinely want to clear this up. I have seen your ads and some of the ads you talk about how many jobs you created as Speaker,” he said. “I’ve heard you say before that the government doesn’t create jobs, the private sector does. So it kind of sticks in me, I’m not agitated about it. I just want to kind of clear it up. It sounds like something Democrats would say, and it doesn’t sound like you would normally say.”

“It’s a matter of creating conditions,” Gingrich said. “The founding fathers created the conditions for the United States to become the wealthiest nation in the world. Other countries don’t do that.”

Gingrich went to talk about their respective government’s contributions South Korea’s rise, Detroit’s fall and North Dakota’s oil exploration and then went into a discussion about the flat-tax.

Mixson was not impressed. He’s voting for Mitt Romney.

“He didn’t answer my question well enough,” Mixson said. “I was surprised by what he said. It was very political.” Meanwhile, Vickie Beard, a Lexington real estate agent, arrived to the town-hall meeting already a Gingrich fan.

“I like his no-nonsense approach. He talks straight to me,” she said. “He wants to strengthen the military and the simplification of taxes and he wants to put people back to work. I like how he has studied American history. He also realizes you have to have a sense of humor. That’s how I get through everyday.”

Beard like something else – his hair. It’s looks natural, like he’s got nothing to hide, she said. Mitt Romney’s hair? She doesn’t trust it or him.

“Sometimes if you look too polished, I don’t think you’re real,” Beard said.

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