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January 31, 2013

This week in the Civil War, 150 years ago

Confederate ironclads harass Union blockade of Charleston

Confederate ironclads harass Union blockade of Charleston

Two Confederate ironclad rams, the CSS Palmetto State and the CSS Chicora, unleashing a surprise assault Jan. 31, 1863, on Union forces blockading Charleston, where the Civil War began in 1861.

The Palmetto rams one Union ship, firing into the vessel and disabling it. The other ironclad goes for a second Union ship, showering it with enough artillery shells that it had to be towed away.

After trading fire with Union foes for a while, the low-slung Confederate rams retreated to the safety of Charleston Harbor with only minor damage.

The action of the Confederate vessels briefly harasses the Union blockade of Charleston harbor – part of a larger effort to shut off Confederate ports from supplying the rebellion with arms, ammunition and other goods through the aid of blockade runners. But Charleston immediately falls back under the blockade after the attack.

-- Staff reports

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