The Vista by day ... and night

04/25/2013 12:00 AM

03/14/2015 5:23 PM

MY VISTA IS duplicitous, but not in a deceitful or disingenuous sense. Part of the allure of my Vista is that it double deals.

By day, my Vista means business, but delivers handshakes and greetings in a business-casual manner. And my Vista is always accommodating, because I’m given options. There’s always a chair and table awaiting me and my guests for lunch. And there’s shopping, be it for art, jewelry, furniture, candy, groceries or antiques.

In the daylight hours, my Vista is in a hurry, but never rushing, and always available and convenient. My Vista takes my city of Columbia parking card.

At night, my Vista changes.

It’s never too wild (at least not these days), but if the night’s events bargain for a walk on the wild side, my Vista opens the appropriate doors. I roll my sleeves up. I go dancing. I go to the theater. I go to concerts. I dine out.

I walk up and down Gervais Street bumping into people who, like me, enjoy the feeling being out on the town. My Vista is cool like that.

Sometimes, when I’m driving back from, say, Vista West, the area of State Street just across the Gervais Street bridge, I cruise up Gervais, hoping to catch the red lights. Stopping at the lights lets me watch the people scuttling through my Vista. It’s a front-row seat to a fashion show – the look-at-me outfits and coveted clutches and bags for women, tailored sports coats and jeans designed to fit for men.

Wear what you want – My Vista just wants your company.

I think of my Vista as a giant tic-tac-toe board. Lady and Gervais streets are the vertical planes, and Lincoln and Park streets are for horizontal marking. Xs and Os at times merge to form XOs, you know, the kind that can lead to passion on the weekend.

After 25 years of growing up, my Vista is getting smarter, more efficient. My Vista now charges me to park in many of the lots that used to be free.

I might get annoyed when I drop the $5 to park at night, but by the next day my Vista and I are cool again.

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