Hurricane Hugo

July 31, 2009

Transplants learn a lesson

My husband and I were thoroughly ignorant of hurricanes, having moved here from Ohio. I heard that a hurricane was coming but the day was so lovely, I could not believe it. I made no preparations.

My husband was recovering from an accident and was in a hospital bed, nestled in a corner of four windows in the living room.

We went to sleep as usual. When the wind began, it was exciting...until the wind became violent. I managed to pull a twin mattress into the hallway for me. I lay there, though I could not go to sleep with the frightening noise of the wind and the cracking and thud of the broken tree limbs. In his fear, my husband was unable to call me to be moved (though there was no way that between him and me I could have gotten him out of the bed) because this one night, of all nights, I had failed to leave the bell, which was always within his reach. (Teasingly, he has never let me forget that I abandoned him).

The morning dawned beautifully, with destruction blocking us from going anywhere in every direction. By the grace of God, our house and our lives were spared, even from injury. We now have a healthy fear of hurricanes

-- Susan Hamm, Columbia

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