Hurricane Hugo

July 31, 2009

Service in a time of despair

When Hugo blew into Summerville, the winds had reached 133 mph. I likened the devastation to that of a war zone.

I volunteered at the food distribution center because of power outage at my office.

The first day we were open, we had very limited supplies. At closing time, a lady with nine grandchildren to feed said she had nothing for them. Our supplies were gone by then, so I went home, gathered some of our supplies to give them to her. I recall receiving a truckload of ice while a price gouger was parked four blocks away selling five-pound bags of ice for $8. He was arrested. The daily lines to receive food were several blocks long. I recall Coors Brewing Company and Miller Brewing Company shipping truckloads of water to us. The good side of people was quite evident. Gas could be purchased on a limited basis since one of the gas stations operated using a generator. I will always remember these things and so much more. We made it through Hugo's devastation.

-- Rebecca Simmons, Blair

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