Hurricane Hugo

August 14, 2009

Why parents get gray!

Hurricane Hugo is one we will NEVER forget. We were all bracing ourselves for the onslaught, not knowing what to expect. As the Hurricane headed toward the S.C , coast, my husband and I were glued to the TV waiting for any news that we could hear.

Late in the afternoon of Sept. 22, our phone rang and we were happy to hear the voice of our oldest daughter who was a journalism major at USC at the time. The conversation went like this:

"Mom, guess where I am! I am in the USC van headed toward Charleston to cover the hurricane"

After a few choice words, I said, "What in the name of heaven are you going there for...everybody else is leaving!?!?"

"Well, it's just such a great opportunity, I couldn't say NO! I may never have the chance to do something like this again!" THAT was an understatement, but what could I do...besides lose my mind with worry! With love and lots of prayers, she promised to call me when she could!

Later that night, the phone rang again, and Ashley informed us that she was calling from the News and Courier Building in Charleston (according to her, one of the safest places there)!

The eye of the hurricane was passing over the city and she had ventured out of the front of the building to witness the event.

At that time, everything was quiet and calm, and of course ravaged by the front of the storm! As she was describing the scene, she made the comment that the backside of the storm was nearing ( which could be worse) and she looked around the corner of the building and screamed,

"Oh, my God, that was close!" Of course I screamed, too and she said, "A stop sign just whizzed by my head, but I pulled back just in time! Time to go back inside, I guess!!"

I thought so, too!

The next day, I managed to locate her by phone at the N&C building and found that she and her group were OK and were heading home to Columbia after getting their story!!

We were so blessed that they were all safe from the experience, but as for us, that's a different story!

Ann Byrd, Edgefield

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