Mark Sanford

February 14, 2010 12:00 AM

Reviews of Jenny Sanford's 'Staying True' In this chilling political and economic climate, the public's empathy only goes so far. Though ABC's (Barbara) Walters was obviously sympathetic to Jenny Sanford, Walters also asked her unsparing questions, as if she felt she had to satisfy a national audience worn out by power's transgressions. Why, Walters wanted to know, did you not feel alarmed when Mark refused to commit to fidelity in his wedding vows? When Jenny replied with almost a shrug - explaining in effect that, well, we were young - she betrayed a cold, heartless goal-oriented mentality that, ironically, her husband had abandoned in his mad affair with his Argentine girlfriend. At that moment, for all of Jenny's dignity and self-possession, you recoiled at the fact that she was trashing her husband for all the world to see in front of her four sons, who were right there on "20/20," whether they liked being there or not.

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