South Carolina

October 28, 2013

Man shoots self, dog in fight with woman

A Port Royal man accidentally shot himself and his dog during an argument with a woman Sunday night, police say.

According to the Port Royal Police Department, the man brought his Glock 21 inside when he arrived home about 7:30 p.m. on Drayton Drive. He originally told police a male friend was inside and that he asked him to leave, but they began shoving each other. The man later admitted it was a woman, who told police she was his financee.

The man said he accidentally pulled the trigger when the woman pushed him. Police said it appeared the gun had been in his pocket.

The bullet entered his leg above his knee, cracked his knee cap, exited below his knee and went into the right buttocks of his blue-nosed pit bull, according to police. There were no further details about the condition of the man or the dog.

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