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04/24/2014 9:55 AM

04/24/2014 9:56 AM

A quick update on the James for General campaign. When we last discussed James Breazeale’s attempt to bypass the military meritocracy and get a voter-initiated promotion and become South Carolina’s adjutant general, he was telling me he would hold a news conference the following week to clear the air on how he came to be on probation following 2013 charges that he was stalking his second ex-wife.

This week, Mr. Breazeale sent an email to a reporter for the Florence Morning News and me letting us know that instead of a news conference, he was just making his attorney available for us to call, and that she would be happy to provide documents. He explained:

It is the contention of the James for General campaign that recent articles in your publications did not take the following facts into account:

­James Breazeale has NEVER been convicted of any crime.

­Accusations that formed the basis for the alleged criminal case against James Breazeale were withdrawn by Kathryn Johnston.

I don’t know if that’s some sort of implication about liability, but it doesn’t particularly matter to me since I quoted him as saying both of things and concluded that matter thusly:

Let’s assume that every bit of what he says is true. It doesn’t matter. Yes, it’s disturbing that he would have married two women in a row who were volatile enough to call the cops on him when he did absolutely nothing wrong. But it wouldn’t be the reason not to vote for him for adjutant general. The reason not to vote for him for adjutant general is much more basic than that.

The reason not to vote for him, of course, is that he’s not a general officer, and he’s not promotable to general officer, so he has no business leading the S.C. National Guard. And of course the point of this whole thing is that it’s just crazy that we continue to elect the head of our military. Which you can read all about in the column.

But for today, I just thought I’d pass along the update on Mr. Breazeale so no one was left wondering whatever happened to the news conference. If I see a news article in the Florence paper, I’ll let you know.

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