Sunday: U.S. suffering due to abortions

12/16/2012 12:00 AM

12/15/2012 12:11 AM

I agree with Ken Harmon’s Dec. 7 letter that men should have a right to protect the unborn. A great majority of abortions are because it is just not convenient to be pregnant, or they don’t have the money or the baby’s daddy is not around. There is no fear of God there.

How would you like it, as a woman, if men had the babies? What if it was the man’s body and you wanted to get your baby — your bloodline is at stake. How would you feel? Don’t you read the Bible? God will punish the nation because of evil done there. Read the Old Testament. Israel was punished — the nation was invaded and they were taken to Babylon because they sacrificed their newborn babies.

We are going a step further. The whole country is suffering because of this. Look at the storms, the drought, the fires, the wars. We all suffer when the nation as a whole is practicing such wrongdoing. The politicians need to understand that abortion is bringing harm to all of us. I do understand how hard it is to have a baby when the biological father and maybe his family too, do not want to help — but it is better to have the child and raise it with family help or alone or put it up for adoption than to have an abortion and live with regret.

Lee Catoe


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