Letters to the Editor

Monday letters: Carolina Creed is no hollow charter

The introduction to USC’s Carolina Creed states, “Choosing to join the community obligates each member to a code of civilized behavior.” Every student agrees to abide by the creed’s tenets, and by their agreement, the students’ collective voice gives the creed meaning. Rather than being a hollow charter, I have found the Carolina Creed to be the values that form the cornerstone of the academic character of the university.

Letters to the Editor

Monday letters: Humanities take you only so far

After reading two enlightening letters to the editor concerning the Carolina Core at the University of South Carolina, I was inspired to add in my own thoughts as a fully educated humanities graduate. I must say, my eyes were opened by the arguments from these missives. Their words cut through the flimsy Carolina Core like a hot claymore through cheap margarine, and I believe that we should enact their ideas in a widespread way.

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