Thursday letters: Why punish hybrid owners?

03/13/2014 12:00 AM

03/12/2014 7:58 PM

An owner of a hybrid automobile is not paying his or her fair share for roads (“Fuel-efficient cars cut into S.C. funds for road repairs,” Feb. 5)? It’s not the owner’s fault that the state chooses to pay for roads from gasoline taxes. The hybrid driver paid more for that car so that the air quality improves for everybody. I bicycle everywhere, so I guess the state should put a meter on my vehicle to punish me for not burning gasoline on the roads

If there is not enough gasoline tax revenue to pay for roads, either the gasoline tax should go up for everybody, or the state should find money elsewhere to pay for roads. Only a person who profits from gasoline sales would punish those who use less gas.

In Arizona, unlike here, there is widespread use of residential solar power. Still, virtue there does not go unpunished. Since the homeowner with panels on his roof is not paying for infrastructure that the shortsighted, giant utility had already built, that homeowner has to pay more to the utility (70 cents per kilowatt capacity per month; the utility wanted $8 but did not get it).

This is shoot-yourself-in-the-foot logic.

Don Klos


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