Tuesday letters: Teach creationism alongside evolution

03/18/2014 12:00 AM

03/17/2014 5:33 PM

Richard C. Massey’s Feb. 14 letter (“Fair should teach Sunday school”) views science and faith as incompatible in public schools.

Faith is a good thing. We exercise faith daily. The scientist who takes a plane trip exercises faith. He trusts his life to a pilot he has never met. He boards the plane without inspecting its mechanical condition.

By faith, scientists believe seemingly contradictory principles. The classic laws of physics apply universally, except in the tiny world of quantum mechanics. Subatomic particles do their own thing. Their movements are unexplainable. Yet scientists have not rejected quantum mechanics. They trust in a future resolution. True science and faith are co-workers, not enemies.

Intolerance hinders diversity. Academic openness brings growth. The objective teacher won’t force-feed evolutionism. Students deserve to hear the best arguments of both creationism and evolution. Let students decide for themselves. Students should call for gracious, open, student debates.

The creator had to create both true science and faith. Rebellion resists God and his fixed natural and spiritual laws.

Christian schools have higher test scores and less crime. Seeing eyes will see.

Publicly funded schools should not be a recruiting ground for atheistic evolution. Hundreds of thousands of God-fearing Carolinians pay school taxes. It’s time for fair play.

Fred F. Kerr

West Columbia

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